Friday, June 2, 2017

Looking Up.....A Pattern Published

Living life in the moment with enthusiasm and service to others is a life of no regrets!

It is my turn to post on the new pattern that Tish and I have collaborated on, and released. The PDF pattern is available on Craftsy for $8 as an introductory offer. The design concept was a product of my imagination and with some hard work on the pattern design we have the finished the pattern for release. This pattern comes in Baby, Throw/Lap, and Queen size.

I'm not exactly sure what to say about this pattern.  The release has been a long time coming, fraught with setbacks that tended to show up at the most inopportune times.

Without further delay.....Star Blossom!

As I am writing this post and searching for pictures I realize that I do not have any of my normal pictures. On any other quilt I usually take process pictures but on this one I did not. Needless to say this original design was the first one completed of the pattern, and it was with this one that we realized as a baby quilt it would need a border. This fabric was from the International Quilt Blogger's Retreat that happened last year in Ohio with Julie at Pink Doxies. Thanks Julie for making a wonderful time and experience!!!! Tish has always supported what I do, and she really wanted to go to this "retreat". I was skeptical, but it was fun and if you read blogs, you can go back and read and see about it in all three of our blogs. I bought the gray and red fabric that was in a bundle in Ohio (Amish Country). It was cut for a log cabin quilt, but I knew this was the right project to use it on. Very Manly!!!!

Once done, Tish was still working on her version so I decided I wanted to do some bright solids; and so an order went out, and in came Kona Solids. I did end up having to use one Moda Solid too.

 Let the cutting and piecing begin

HST LOVE!!!!!!


On a side note..... HST Rulers. In my opinion there are two rulers for this process BlocLoc and Quilt in a Day

I have used the BlocLoc once (on another project) and found it useful, however without more practice with the BlocLoc (because I have never bought one), I have grown to love the Quilt in a Day ruler.  I can move through HST very fast with the ruler. If BlocLoc wanted to send me a free one I might be willing to give it another try and an endorsement, but as of now I will endorse QiaD rulers because they are fast and simple.

More Piecing



One entire set of unsown rows

One complete block.....OUTSIDE!!!! You gotta love natural light!!!!

Inside Chassis/Flimsy/Top


I        "L" "O" "V" "E" these colors!!!!!!!!!!

Tish and I are aiming to get this one finished too (soon).  I wanted her to get the pattern out and get her name out there, I feel that she deserves some recognition.  My abilities are a direct reflection of her abilities and teaching!!!! 

"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."- Sir Issac Newton

On that note, I recently received a very humbling honor of being nominated for an award related to Leadership. It is a nationally recognized award. I have not been able to track down who nominated me as of the writing of this blog. I have spoken only a few time on here about leadership in my life, since this is a quilting blog. However, this is my true passion.  To add value too, and make people feel valued in life. Leadership is something that resonates with me more than anything else. When I am working in this area emotion is strong....emotion = energy in motion. Even thoughts create tingling in my body when I think on leadership. Thoughts are Things!!!!!!!

My co-workers and Mentors-
Left to Right- Ron Casto, Randy Perdue, Jason Lawson, Me

This was one of the hardest days of my life. Randy Perdue resigned as Director of Training on this day, he has been a mentor, a leader, and true friend. To this day we are in communication and his friendship is one of my most cherished things in life.

My passion is leadership and Tish loves quilting.

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want."- Zig Ziglar

My passion is leadership and Tish loves quilting. With that being said, I see opportunity and I am pushing Tish in that direction. I will assist her in any way that I can. While I move ahead in my pursuit of Leadership, Mentoring, Management, and Motivation, I support Tish in her track of doing quilting as a process and possibly a "business" if she determines that to be her desire.

I am excited beyond measure about the prospects of my future and with the nomination that I received. The sky is the limits and your mind is the captain of the flight (trademark because I don't think it has ever been said). There is a Leadership training location in North Carolina  near my sister and it is called Center for Creative Leadership.  That is most likely next step in my progress as a leader. Then it will without a doubt be onto John Maxwell Team. If my application (from the nomination) wins I may just move straight to the John Maxwell training,. I am soooooo STOKED!!!!!!

Needless to say, my quilting days aren't over by far, but I may be doing just a little less if things go the way I "FEEL" they are going to go.  I have no doubt I knocked the application "out of the park". To quote an 80's song, "My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades".  

Tish was excited that we have already sold two of the patterns. I want her to feel the excitement and potential for quilting, that I feel towards leadership. 

In closing, enjoy our pattern if you order it.  I encourage you to buy it. There will be more to come! If you do buy it, PLEASE send her, or I ,an email so that we may reach out to you, personally to thank you and be able to see your beautiful product that you finish. That will also allow us to help you should you have any trouble shooting needs.  We thank you in advance if you do buy the pattern, and even f you don't because you stopped by our blog. Blogs are fun, but true/real (and personal) relationships are the ties that bind.  We look forward to working with you now and in the future, for the purpose of providing lovely works of art for people to enjoy, and continue an art tradition as old as time itself.

I wanted to come back and edit this as last night after I crawled into bed, I realized I forgot to mention Aurifil Threads We  always piece our quilts with 50WT, white thread. We recently invested in a color chart, which we have found invaluable for matching colors. I highly recommend you check it out.

Also stand by for an original pattern by us that we will be using Blue Sky Andover Fabrics.
I invested in the entire line (minus one because it sold out in 2 days, before I could get there) to make this quilt along with one solid linen for background. It also was by Andover.

Happy Quilting!



  1. Wow, another one in different fabrics, the lime green is perfect. And so many congratulations on your nomination. I can see big things happening very soon, and am so glad the quilt design is published and for sale before you get too busy elsewhere. A team, a true team, you and Tish, and to read your words, can see even more companionship and working together, as you spell out your encouragement. Life is a two=way=street, and you are both walking together. Many best wishes.

  2. guess what??? That pattern just had to jump into my downloads, too lovely not to have right away. The batiks might need another top-up!!!

  3. Congrats, Dave, on the pattern release! Yours looks beautiful as a barn quilt, but I'm loving your version in brights too!

  4. It looks great in all solids Dave. Congrats on the pattern and also on your nomination!

  5. This pattern looks great in all the different fabric choices. I don't often purchase patterns (I inherited all of my mom's patterns and books), but I really have to buy this one.

  6. Congratulations on the quilt pattern release and your nomination. I can feel you pride and excitemant with this nomination and wish you luck on your path going forward.

  7. Dave, it's delightful! Congratulations! I especially like the first block pictured. My daughter runs a leadership program for the 5 Alamo Colleges in San Antonio. I can appreciate your work.

    1. P.S. Congratulations on your award, too! Such an honor!

  8. Dave I sure hope you win the leadership award. That would be awesome. I really like your new design -- especially your red version. It astounds me how much the quilting added to the design -- so thanks for showing it pre-quilting and post-quilting.

  9. I love your pattern, Dave! What Kona colors are in your second version?

    Congrats on your leadership award nomination!

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