Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday Stash- Dimples/Kaffe, Pink, and The Most Amazing Blues

This Sunday Stash post shall be short and sweet.

As we drove Saturday, to various locations around north-central and northern WV, I discussed with Tish about creating a short video about an average day for DavetheQuiltEngineer. It would certainly be funny. It would go a little something like this....I roll in from work on a Friday and fire up my Playstation(4) and begin playing. As with normal internet usage on a weekend day, lag would begin. (For those unfamiliar with this phenomenon- the busy-ness of high speed would slow things down causing me to be behind most people on the online game, which in turn, cause me to get killed) Yes, I play shoot-em up games. The yelling at the T.V. would ensue causing Tish to get out "snap-chat" and record my tirades, only the videos play back in high pitched chipmunk style voices.

She would then share the video with Sandra at MMMQuilts at which time they would hee-haw over the hilarity that ensued.  After wasting a significant amount of time in the process of loosing on my game, I would go to the sewing table...I mean the dinning room table to sew......Cue "The Lady from Impanema" elevator style music, as I sew Dimples to Kaffe fabric. And all becomes right with the world.  This back and forth tug-o-war would be an average weekend day for me.  However, my life is changing and moving in another direction, so it will be interesting to see how the weekends progress from this week forward.

Stash #1

I have a second block started  and still have 3 rows to be put together.  Right now this project is temporarily on hold.. I may work on it off and on....I love the orange/yellow Dimples against the vibrant Kaffe fabrics!

Stash #2

This will be the pieces of a remake of Cheryl Brickey's 2016 Meadow Mystery Quilt  Along. My first go-round with this quilt-along was hard....and that in no way reflects on the pattern. I picked the wrong fabric. The fabric was a poly-cotton blend I think.  I  am much much more optimistic about this one. The locked on fabrics are the black, the green, the white, and butterflies (border). The others are up for decision. If you are reading this and have input please feel free to leave a comment. The three on the left are Moda Grunge . I am kind of excited about these, as they are my first commissioned quilt. Plus I am anxious to get that pattern "knocked out of the park" with some good fabrics. But, this also will have to wait as there is something even more pressing.

Stash #3

Just a note on this one. I got me another yard of Moda Bee Creative fabric. I love that line and I have a bit of it in the stash.

And last but not least

Stash #4

Say hello to Andover Fabrics Blue Sky. First and foremost my favorite color is blue. More-so, this reminds me of many of the antique crocks and dishes my mother had collected as I grew up.  I fell in love with this line as soon as I saw it, and knew I needed to create something with it. Earlier last week Country Roads Quilt Shop , in Morgantown, WV posted that they received this line of fabric. Tish had commented that we maybe go and have a look at it. Country Roads Quilt Shop can also be found on Facebook. With alot of other things on my mind related to changes at work (fairly major just this week even), my mind was somewhere else and the idea of traveling was really an afterthought. The weekend arrived and I knew I needed to get fabric (pink) to get to work on the other guy's quilt for his wife ( a cancer survivor!). So off  we went and not finding exactly what we needed, we ended up in Morgantown.

I found some additional Grunge that I needed and Tish happily hunted for fabric for a special "just because" project she wanted to do. I saw this on the shelf....I stared....and stared...and stared. It was then that I thought, "I want to collaborate with Tish" either on a Log Cabin style quilt (neither of us have ever attempted) or on a new pattern that I designed and we worked up.  I approached the owner about buying the whole line, and a couple Creative Grids for Log Cabins.....daunting yes!!!! I asked Tish her opinion as I knew that it was an investment and if she was not on-board it would be an instantaneous no-go.  She said she was up for the challenge. So, after some discussion and a "lightening of the wallet", committed I was to the process.  Unfortunately there are 28 fabrics in the line, and in the few short days that Peggy, the owner, had the fabrics, she sold one entire bolt, so I left with 27 pieces and an excitement and fervor for a new project that I have never felt before.  We are undecided at this point if we are going to do log cabin (appears to be pretty time consuming) or do a one-off/ original DavetheQuiltEngineer / Appalachian Couple Quilters design/pattern. Needless to say we are going to attack this project with more enthusiasm than almost any other project I have been involved with or done. Feel free to make a comment as to whether you think it should be an original pattern or a log cabin design ( will not be a traditional log cabin though- will be modified one-off also).

With all the excitement and positive vibrations....I am linking up today with Alyce Blyth at Blossom Heart Quilters.


  1. I vote for doing your own pattern (and that's a tough call as the log cabin is probably my favorite traditional block)!

  2. I would go for your original pattern first. Although the log cabin would be very tempting.

  3. I can see this whole video in my head , right down to Sandra and Tish laughing and I can hear the elevator music - not bad as elevator music goes . Well done on the Stash additions

  4. A long time log cabin fan, there are so many successful variations you cannot go wrong. I'm sitting here looking at Amish With a Twist II that beguiled me into buying it, and I never make kits so that's proof. A collaboration is a solid win considering two creative minds, and the sharing of gorgeous-fall-in-love fabric. I'd say after pro's and con's of both ideas, just start it with permission to modify along the way. Keep us posted.

  5. Okay question regarding the cancer survivor quilt: I would definitely take the deepest pink of the Grunge and quite probably the one beside it in the photo. I think the light pink may be too light, but depending on where you use it, it could be great. Woot! Woot! for getting a commission! It's quite the high. :-) As for pattern, you know my suggestion (shared brain with your wife) and I concur on the log cabin (one of my fave quilt blocks, and one I have done multiple times) being time-consuming but WORTH every stitch. Are you going to get the 28th fabric?!
    And it's not just Tish and I who laugh our asses off at her snapchats (you're SO cute!) so does MacGyver...they MAKE our day, so keep getting killed 'k?!