Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cheryl Brickey (Ferris Bueller) You're My Hero.

The title reference is for those that may have not seen the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off and maybe a few that are young enough to not even know what it is.....cough cough.

Getting older is a natural progression of life, but remembering things from my teen years helps keep the youth in me.

And with age comes wisdom...and a little bit of insanity I suppose, thinking that every time you see fabric you like...thinking that would make a pretty quilt...that you can easily justify the expense.

So it goes....I found some fabric that I liked once upon a time and mentioned it to Tish  and she took note.  It was a set of fabrics that I felt screamed...Civil War. Although they really didn't, that was the way that my mind interpreted it.

Enter this selection by Marcus Fabrics
Some of these colors were not in my bag :(

Not being content with all of the colors, I had I added these to the group.  Being the usual me and not sticking to the pattern completely with the lay out...These are in-fact Civil War repros.. I obtained these at the good old local in Morgantown, WV. Country Roads Quilt Shop

Put it together and what have you got...Bippity Boppty Boo....

Oh sorry...cart before the horse.  So, I got my fabrics....now what to do with them??? I like the dark/dirty look of the civil war colors.  However, when you start looking at Civil War Quilts you get one of two things...Either small wall hanging and single blocks or super large quilts.  I didn't want to commit to a large quilt yet....but I didn't want to do something "modern" with the fabrics. It just didn't make sense.  So I thought...what is something that could translate....

A small back story...I see "plus" quilts everywhere...and I ask Tish "what's up with all the pluses?" She said it was kinda the "in" thing and I thought...yeah I am not going to do the "in" or popular thing....little did I know.

In walks Cheryl Brickey of Meadow Mist Designs....back into my life through the happen-stance of looking at a quilting magazine...her first published pattern Check Plus

Here was her first entry into my life....

So, I jumped in....hook line a sinker, committed to make a non-civil war...Civil War-esque quilt.



 Daddy's little helper
 If it fits I sits (not just for boxes)
LAYOUT (and there were alot of replacing processes)

Once I settled on a final lay out I began creating rows....this is not for the faint of heart and I am glad that I had another quilt or two under my belt.  This is by far not a hard pattern to put together, but a little experience helped.  This is certainly a beginner friendly quilt. However, I don't recommend going crazy with the colors like I did.

I didn't want to leave the quilt just pluses. I felt mine needed a border..especially with the fact I was going for that Civil War(ish) look. So back to the local shop to get border fabrics and a binding color.

Border colors... The way it is actually done...and you will see Darkest closest to the top, then the lighter brown and the bottom color which kinda looks brown is actually a Dijon mustard yellow.

and Viola!!!!
Artsy Fartsy ^

I feel like it could have turned out better and I have one corner (all mitered) that turned out like poopy....I had every intent of giving this one away, but the person I was going to give it to was not enamored by it so I guess I will keep it.  I have a few ideas for quilting this one and I CAN NOT wait to get the binding on it. I think the binding will tie it all together.

Needless to say, when it is completed I will do a follow up short blog on it.  I love the pattern and may do another one of this with other colors.  Cheryl has a real knack for designing. Though I have not done alot of her patterns. I love the simplicity of the design and the complexity of the look! Cheryl has been kind enough to allow me to do a giveaway of her pattern.  She offered to allow me to do a giveaway for this pattern which is now available in multiple sizes and another pattern she recently released.  I think I will take her up on the check plus, however, I will decline on the second one as I want to see Cheryl excel and make some money from her designs.  PLEASE, go over and visit Cheryl. Pick a design...they are available through Craftsy too....and support her with a "financial gift" in which you will in-turn receive the gift of a wonderful pattern....Reap what you sow, Karma, Give and take....etc.

Like Tish...here is how to win!

1)  Leave a comment below... any comment.  Maybe tell me if you've made one of Cheryl's patterns   before or participated in one of her QAL's.

2)  Leave a comment letting me know you visited Meadow Mist Designs and left Cheryl a comment to celebrate Check Plus's release.

3)  Leave a comment if you are a follower of DavetheQuiltEngineer and let me know how you enjoy following me.

4)  If you are a no reply blogger please make sure you also leave your email address to that I can contact you to let you know you have won.  I do my very best to respond to every comment, so if you do not hear back from me, that is probably why...I can't contact you :(

On Sunday, I  along with Tish will pick one winner.  The winner will recieve a PDF copy of Cheryl's Check Plus.

This is the giveaway pattern!

 This is another pattern available from Cheryl

 Thanks for stopping by and please support my friend Cheryl in her quilting escapades!

Thanks again to Cheryl for doing what she does...and it seems to be what she does best :)

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  1. Dave, you amaze me every time I visit you. This is so neat/cool/amazing/ wonderful, which word suits the best? Lovely fabric choices. Yes, I have made Cheryl's " Midnight Mystery" a fun and wonderful way to make a quilt, see the other options quilters use for their fabrics, and know that Cheryl is there all the way through.

  2. Yes, I visited Meadow Mist Designs, and Cheryl has again given us a wonderful new pattern, this does stir the " quilt buds!!"

  3. Comment #3, and I am hoping you did mean to leave each as a separate comment. You are on my friends list on my blog, and I eagerly look forward to each of your new posts.Love your feline helper, do you have a design wall, a vertical one, or is it the horizontal model? so much easier for that stabilising 4 paws effect.

  4. Dave, what a wonderful post! Congrats on those mitered corners, they can be tricky! Your Check Plus looks great and I see you had help with color placement! =^.^=

  5. Good morning, Dave. Thank you for entertaining me while I sip my first cup of coffee with your excellent post. I enjoy learning about your thought process from start to finish and loved the fabrics you chose to highlight this fun pattern that Chris has designed. It came out beautiful! I can't imagine someone not being excited about it. Quilting it will bring it to life and when they see it completed, they'll be sorry! Hurray for your mitered corners, a technique I never could perfect and avoid at all costs. Well done!

  6. I certainly did visit Cheryl's post about the release of her pattern! I've never made any that she has designed, but have always admired her work.

  7. I follow you from my blogger dashboard, which I check every morning while I sit with my coffee.

  8. May I be honest? I do not like the civil war prints - they seem sad and dull to me.
    But what you did with the addition the yellow background is phenomenal. I had to go back and look twice - are these the same fabrics? Your version of Looking Glass is beautiful. Congratulations!!!

  9. I like your Civil warish look. Like Preeti I am not into civil war prints but with the additions of other prints this looks fantastic.

  10. I love this quilt! I was a bit hesitant as I started to read the post but really do like the end result. maryc76904 at yahoo dot com

  11. I commented on Cheryl's blog. maryc76904 at yahoo dot com

  12. I am a relatively new follower to your blog. Love to read your take on patterns, techniques. Thanks for taking the time to share. maryc76904 at yahoo dot com

  13. I dropped by Cheryl's blog the other day and gave her some encouraging words and a pat on the back. Karen kthurn(at)bektel(dot)com

  14. I haven't made one of Cheryl's patterns yet or done a Quilt Along. There is hope for the future, though. Karen kthurn(at)bektel.com

  15. I am an email follower. Karen kthurn(at)bektel(dot)com

  16. Love your version with the pseudo Civil War prints - looks great!

  17. Wow Dave: I can't believe how good this quilt looks in civil war fabrics. I follow you as you know but I don't count me in the draw as I have the patterns already (I read through them for Cheryl).

  18. Great quilt Dave, and wow, mitred corners?!! You rock! You sound just like my husband in the "if it's IN, I'm not going with the in crowd" phrase, but this really works with the Civil War fabrics! Is Tish going to let you quilt it on her Sweet 16?!

  19. I visited Cheryl's two pattern launches on her blog and left her comment love.

  20. I follow you on bloglovin' and on Instagram, and will see you in person next WEEK!!

  21. That's a great quilt. You have no fear. I follow you via email.

  22. I love Cheryl's patterns - Check Plus is fabulous!

  23. I visited Cheryl and left her a comment!

  24. i really like this pattern. I am partial to civil war fabrics, since i have been using them for years to sew reenactors shirts and vests and quilts. our son makes and sells reenactors wool jackets,wool pants and wool vests. until he got married we were a team. then i gave my half over to his new wife who gladly took it. they are quite the pair in many ways. they are the SMANSKI STITCHES and they have a website.

  25. i really like this pattern. I am partial to civil war fabrics, since i have been using them for years to sew reenactors shirts and vests and quilts. our son makes and sells reenactors wool jackets,wool pants and wool vests. until he got married we were a team. then i gave my half over to his new wife who gladly took it. they are quite the pair in many ways. they are the SMANSKI STITCHES and they have a website.

  26. i visited Cheryl and left a comment. i follow her blog and enjoy it

  27. Great job with the color choices and layout of this one! It is always nice to see a quilt like this from different points of view. I am currently participating in Cheryl's Mystery Quilt A Long and am having a great time with it so far.