Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday Stash and the QBIR - PinkDoxies Style

Oh what a week!

And in reality, it started on Wednesday, October 05, 2016 when I arrived home from work. Tish was busy getting stuff together for a trip.  A trip that....

I agreed to take, which would put me at what was to become known as the Quilt Bloggers International Retreat.  The main reason I agreed to go was that Tish was not going to make the long drive herself, and I knew it was something she really wanted to do.  Further, she often sacrifices for the family and in reality...she deserved to be able to go.  So, she asked me...."Are you looking forward to going?"  I responded with "No." I am never one for long trips. I don't like traffic, and I am very reserved on who I agree to share my time with.  Meeting new people is not a major issue, however being in a group of new people...that is a different story.

Julie at Pink Doxies welcomed us into her "home", or should I say quilt studio, to spend a few days at a retreat.  Julie was a very gracious host who was very welcoming, and more than happy to share her expertise.  She had no problem with showing us her success and a few of her "failures" which are really just bumps in the road (learning experiences).  Not only did she welcome us in, but after getting everyone set up in her studio, she shared with me, and another participant (Terry), her expertise on fabric painting.  This is where I failed.  I made several different prints, but failed to take pictures of them.  It was a great experience and I learned alot about the use of paints and how they affix themselves to the fabric.  I learned that the prints will last and that you have to "start with the end in mind".  Julie also made me understand that there is a time to say "when" when you have exhausted your creativity.  Julie was wonderful to share her time with me, when in reality, she had other people that were just as deserving of her time.  Thanks Julie!!!

This is the next to last picture, but these are the people we were with. Top to Bottom and Left to Right. Top Row: Jennifer and Julie,  Second Row: Terry and Beth, Third Row: Me, Tish, and Sandra.

Prior to the retreat, I had met Beth with Cooking Up Quilts in person.  She is a wonderful person and has great designs. Her work can be seen at Bolt and QuartersSandra at MMMQuilts,  I have met via video chat, and she is a phenomenal quilter. Her recent post depicts the level of expertise she has. Not only that, but she too is a generous person.  I can't say enough...her husband is a phenomenal person and a great personality.

Mine and Julie's sewing space in the far corner

These are some of the pics from the retreat.
The last pic here is of Sandra working on a quilt layout of block we all contributed.

Here are my blocks

Next came till we dropped.

Shopping was successful. We hit many shops in various places including one at the end of a road.  It was a small personal shop that was basically in a garage where we found of all things, a wooden nickle from WV.  The woman was so fabulous and she had all kinds of feed sack pieces that were cheap...really too cheap in my opinion. She knew all the stories of almost everything that was in the store. I even picked up a traditional slate turkey call for $5.00.  That is a steal.  We paid it forward there, and I will likely do  a separate post on all the shops we visited.  This brings us to the last day which was a short but fun work day, which had me pressing and piecing HST blocks.  If you recall, I won a bunch of Fat Quarters at the local guild meeting, and promised I would make something of the fabric.  So, I pressed on (pun intended) and created all my HST blocks and was able to borrow Beth's BlocLoc tool. It worked well, but I need practice to work with it well.  I finished the chassis as I call it...flimsy to the rest of the quilt wold.  Once I finish the "quilt", which is a table runner, I will post a blog on this also.

So Saturday's fast work processes brought the QBIR to a close, and I have to admit I had alot of fun, I learned ALOT!!! And I met some wonderful people. I hope to attend another should it occur again.

Though I know I will talk to most of you again....I will miss you! You have changed my life, and I feel it is for the better!

Fast forward to yesterday evening and today. We arrived home and Caroline was more than happy to greet us and our wares!

She checked them all out and she allowed me to pet her a little more than usual.  Though I had a good was nice to be home with ALL the children, my daughter and the furry children too.

This is my stash....and not all of it...saving some for another Sunday Stash Post too.  However this is the large portion of what I got...there are 3 pieces I picked up today at walmart and one that I found in a stash at home (two small FQ in front and the right two reds)...the taupe on the far right has to go, as it is a polyester blend so it will be replaced with cotton of the same color.  This is the stash that will be my sister's quilt which will based on the pattern "Add it Up".... that is also for another post.

This is a bit of gift/stash that I received for just being at the retreat.  Thanks so much for the homemade gifts!!!

Last but not least....

The work results!  Again another post to come with more pics!

The QBIR was a success and I hope they have it again.  I would go back if invited.

Tonight I am linking up with Mollie Sparkles Sunday Stash


  1. I am so glad the retreat was so much more than you had thought it could be. The photos I saw of the food alone had me thinking it was a successful time. :) I really like the reds you are showing that you purchased here. Picking out the right shade of red is hard for me, and this bundle seems well coordinated.

  2. Looks like you had a great retreat! And you got a project almost finished.

  3. Looks like you had a great retreat. I like the table runner.

  4. Dave, it was a joy to have you and everyone who came. I regret we never got to the dyeing we had planned, but that tells me we need another meet up. That I would not regret! I'm so very happy you left with good memories of our whirlwind retreat.

  5. Great photos Dave. It looks like you had a great time. I love that table runner!

  6. It sounds like a fun time, with great stash additions.

  7. Looks like lots of fun. You made some great stash acquisitions. Beautiful table runner, it reminds me of stained glass.

  8. good for you to step out of comfort zone. And learn, enjoy, shop, all good stuff.
    Your cat is gorgeous. I was happy to see the picture since I know some of the players including Julie. Did you see the llama? or is it alpaca? LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  9. I'm like you, a little reluctant to go, but once there, so glad I did. Great runner.

  10. Sounds like so much fun! Love the's great! Sandra and Tish look like they were having a GREAT time together....terrific photos. (I bought my Avante at Bolts & Quarters Quilt Shop)....

  11. I love seeing the retreat through the lens of your camera! So wonderful to meet you in person too, and MacGyver really enjoyed getting to know you too. So glad that you did come and enable Tish and I to meet in person. Oh David, that runner is fabulous!! Hope it made it to the guild meeting last night! Wow!

  12. Sounds fun. Thanks for the photos. Love your fall blocks.

  13. We had a great time and I think all of us learned a bit of something. It was especially nice to get to spend quality time with everyone. Thanks so much for helping me with fabric selection at Zink's! Your table runner looks great - I love the colors in it!