Monday, October 31, 2016

Vintage Stash and Other Things

After a long...yet short weekend of working on my sister's quilt chassis (top),  I talked to Tish about doing a blog post.  However, I really didn't have a stash post and Tish reminded me that it didn't have to be a stash post per-say.  I reminded her of Mollie Sparkles giveaway on his 200th post. She encouraged me to do a post on our vintage stash we scored at the QBIR that was hosted by Julie at Pink Doxies.  I said "Oh Yeah, I guess I could", and she said take the fabrics with me, take pictures and do a post.  She also reminded me that I could do the MainCrush Monday with Beth at Cooking Up Quilts.  So, I will be linking to them both.

Now that I have said all that, I want to say this.  Tish and I were talking this weekend about Quilter's Market and how you can win stuff by making a few posts and hash-tagging.  I told her I wasn't going to do it...and I didn't.  I also didn't give a whole lot thinking on trying to win with Mollie's Sparkles link up, and aside from linking up, I probably won't do any of the other things. I am just not lucky like that, so I don't typically "waste" my time with the extra processes. I am a terrible blogger in that I am busy through the week, and my weekends are short with family stuff and catching up on things that I had to miss. I try and read when I can, but don't always get to. I try and "heart" the things I want to read and I try and comment on the ones I read.  I also try respond to comments on my own blog posts. But alas, I just have never taken to blogging nor have I found that it is as useful as what many have.  And please understand, that is not said to slight or belittle anyone here or any of the posts.  It is just not a me thing.  Tish and I talk about blogging somewhat regularly and we talk about how often you can sense or feel the personality of the bloggers.  With most people you can, and I feel fortunate to have made some close friends here.

Now THAT being said here is why I am posting.  I feel that I am lucky to be in connection with some pretty great people that blog some of them mentioned above and many others that are unmentioned at this time.  But, today I received a follow request from Mollie Sparkles on Instagram.  To me, that was an honor. I find alot of his thoughts and ideas, as well as his color choices fascinating.  Being a male quilter, you look to fit in, especially with so few male bloggers out here...or at least I haven't ran into them.  The bottom line, I am in-fact doing this out of respect and thanks to Mollie Sparkles.  Thanks again for the inspiration.

I am going to now post gratuitous stash/remnant/pieces porn.

This one has some weird feeling/textured materials

This is how we purchased them and we didn't know what all was in them. If you look at the prices they are ridiculously low and the fine lady that owned the established wanted us to go back and pick more.

Yes that is the price we paid and that included the awesome find in the second Turkey Call. She gave us a discount on all of it... the turkey call is a true slate with corn cob striker.  I am betting you could could not buy it local in WV for under $40.  So it was a steal.  This store is WELL worth the effort. Julie can give you the details!

So, that is the stash. All the fabrics are pre-70s according to the store owner, some as old as the 50's-40's. I would LOVE to go back!!!! So here is to you Mollie Sparkles for inspiring me to go ahead and post, though I don't find myself having something to say.

My MainCrush Monday is my sister's quilt top.  I am taking suggestions on how to quilt it.  It was a hard piecing project both on layout of my colors as well as looking at the technological layout of blocks and figuring out how to piece it together so that everything lined up properly. I promise this will get its own post later because there are some very special things about it...both meaning something to me and something to her. Stay Tuned!!!!

My wife and daughter helping hold it down.  I always finish my tops on the windiest day of the month.

I also want to throw out my first finished tablerunner. I free-motioned it myself and it turned out horrible, but with help from Tish I was able to get it bound this weekend also. So there were my two "finishes" of the weekend.

In conclusion, I have no delusions of grandeur of winning the giveaway...I am just thankful to have people that I look up to in the quilt world, that are inviting me into their world. I am honored. Lastly, I am linking up with Mollie Sparkles Sunday Stash and Cooking Up Quilts MainCrush Monday.


  1. First of all, i'm quite impressed you use the term "quilt porn." I feel the world could use a lot more of it. Seeing the pictures of what's inside of all those little bags was a treat, since technically I haven't even peaked into them.

  2. Those old fabrics are gorgeous, quite deserving of being "quilt porn". Blogging does take a lot of work, but it's my only contact to the quilting world. I wish more men quilted. I work in a male dominated field (lots of engineers). I always hate being in one of those training class where they ask you to introduce yourself and talk about your hobbies or passions. Mine usually gets a snicker. Your sisters quilt is very dramatic. Good luck with the quilting.

  3. I love the terms you come up with in the quilting world. Your 'quilt porn' is no exception, with some lovely finds.

  4. Dave, if you don't enjoy blogging, don't do it. That said, after 20 years of quilting I finally was able to talk my husband into giving it a try. He loves it! He always saw it as a girly thing and wouldn't do it. He's about to start his 4th quilt in just 6 months. He's an engineer and seems to have quite a knack for design and construction. I found your blog about the same time and shared the posts with him. He likes that you use "manly" terms. If you keep blogging, we'll keep reading.

  5. That's a great haul of fabric. And an even greater price. Love the top you made for your sister. I think your free-motion quilting looks good from here. If blogging doesn't make you happy, let it go.

  6. That's the one type of porn a husband is allowed to enjoy ! Seriously though , there are some interesting fabrics there . Your quilt for your sister looks great and seems to be huge! And finally , like yourself I'm not orgsbised enough to join link ups etc in any sort of focused way , though I do enjoy writing and reading blogs

  7. Wow! I am 'crushing' on that top you made for your sister! Blogging is different for everyone. I only post a couple of times a month, and only when the spirit strikes! You have to do what's best for you. There shouldn't be any pressure to 'keep up', then it's not fun!